Goat's Milk Chewable Tablets

$135.00 NZD
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Goat's Milk Chewable Tablets

$135.00 NZD

Abro Goat’s Milk has long been used around the world for its high nutrition and medicinal qualities. It is naturally high in calcium and protein. The fat globules in goat’s milk are 1/9 size of those found in cow’s milk, therefore it allows for easier digestion and lower allergenic burden than that of cow’s milk.

Abron Goat’s Milk tablets have one of the highest content of Goat’s Milk Powder (75%) and lowest content of glucose (sugar) in the market. It is a good source of energy for adults and a great alternative to sugar-loaded sweets for children.

- Benefits:
- Calcium-rich
- Good source of protein, riboflavin and potassium
- Easier to digest
- Lower allergenic burden
- Low in sodium, more heart-smart!

Directions: Adults 4-6 tablets daily as required. Children 2-3 tablets daily as required. Children should be supervised by an adult while taking tablets to avoid choking hazard. Or if taking prescription medicines or if in doubt consult your healthcare professional.

Store in cool dry place below 30℃ away from direct sunlight.


- 300 tablets/ jar

- 3 jars / pack

Manufactured in New Zealand from domestic and imported ingredients.


**Available only in New Zealand**

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