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Article: How Specialist Serums Can Help Support Youth and Vitality

How Specialist Serums Can Help Support Youth and Vitality

How Specialist Serums Can Help Support Youth and Vitality

Have you ever wondered about incorporating facial serums into your daily routine? For many people, facial serums aren’t really a consideration until they begin to get a little more mature and their skin begins to feel that little bit less youthful than it once did. However, serums can offer highly valuable benefits in many cases – and with this in mind, we have outlined some of the key benefits of specialist face serums and how you can use them today.
How Specialist Serums Can Help Support Youth and Vitality | Kiwicorp

Benefits of Using Serums

There are countless excellent benefits of using serums, and these could make serums an excellent choice to consider for your skin’s overall health and vitality. Some of the key benefits of using serums may include:

  • Easy to apply – serums only take a matter of moments to apply, making them highly practical for many people as part of your daily skincare or makeup routine
  • No greasy sheen, which keeps your skin looking healthy and well while reducing the oily look that can come with many traditional moisturizers
  • Multiple modes of action, offering rapid wrinkle and fine line reduction while also supporting skin youthfulness, vibrancy, and elasticity
  • High-quality serums can help close pores and reduce skin blemishes, which may help you look and feel your best for as long as possible

serums for skin’s overall health and vitality | Kiwicorp

At What Age Should You Use Serum?

Most people start considering serums around the age of forty or fifty years. However, there’s no right age to begin using serums – it’s whenever works best for you!

Typically, serums are most effective when used just as you begin to notice reduced youthfulness or the early arrival of fine lines and wrinkles, so we recommend using them at an earlier age to prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place.

Can You Mix Serum and Moisturizer?

While you can potentially mix serum and moisturizer, most high-quality serums should already contain moisturizing ingredients. For example, our unique PSII+Ha Placenta facial serum includes both hyaluronic acid and placenta extra for the maximum moisturizing potential, coupled with collagen for longer-term water retention.

For best result, you also can use Advanced Placenta Whitening Cream or Placenta Cream, ideally after few minutes as a complementary treatment.

Introducing our Unique Facial Serum

If you want to get the best results from your facial serum for youth and vitality, it’s important to start with a top-quality product. Of course, knowing where to start here can be a little tricky – but luckily, our experts can help. Our top-quality facial serum has been made with some of the world’s most highly nourishing and valuable ingredients, giving your skin the boost it needs.

Pure placenta extract supports skin softness, renewal, and structure, while our unique combination of collagen helps enhance water retention – making it exceptionally moisturizing and gentle. Finally, hyaluronic acid helps promote hydration and youthfulness and combats fine lines and wrinkles before they even appear – keeping you feeling your best for as long as possible!

serum key ingredients | Kiwicorp | New Zealand

Final Thoughts

No doubt, including facial serums into your daily routine can offer great potential. However, as with anything, you need to ensure you’ve invested in the best facial serum on the market if you’re looking for long-term health and vitality. Luckily, this is where our specialist collagen placenta extract serum with hyaluronic acid comes in.

So, why leave things to chance? Give your skin a little TLC and care with our hyaluronic acid and collagen placenta extract serum today; it might just help regain that youthful complexion!

PSII +Ha Placenta Serum | Kiwicorp | New Zealand

PSII+Ha Placenta Serum

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