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Article: What are the natural health benefits of UMF Manuka honey?

What are the natural health benefits of UMF Manuka honey-KiwiCorp

What are the natural health benefits of UMF Manuka honey?

Manuka is a unique evergreen tree, native to New Zealand. Its intensely scented flowers bloom in summer and bees absolutely love them. The Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) found only in selective Manuka honey describes the anti-bacterial property, sought after for its qualities that support health and wellbeing. Independent laboratory testing determines the UMF value after the honey is packaged. The higher the level of UMF, the higher the level of anti-bacterial benefits.

Manuka honey is a natural medicine.” Dr Peter Molan (University of Waikato, New Zealand)
UMF Manuka honey can be taken by eating or applying to the skin surface. Its anti-bacterial activity has an equivalent concentration to phenol (a common antiseptic). It supports the body’s own immune defences and natural wound healing, can help soothe the throat and can assist digestive health.
The active ingredients and anti-oxidants in Honey New Zealand products can also be used for added vitality, oral health, an active immunity or can assist digestive health.

What is the difference between ‘UMF’ & ‘Active’ Manuka Honey?

Not all Manuka honey has UMF (Non peroxide) activity and we differentiate this by using the names UMF Manuka and Active Manuka Honey.

UMF Manuka Honey guarantees a Non Peroxide activity that is based on the UMF testing regime initiated by Prof. Molan. This in turn is measured against a standard Phenol (antiseptic/anti bacterial) solution to gauge the relative strength of the Non Peroxide activity against Phenol. So, UMF 20+ guarantees antibacterial Non Peroxide Activity (UMF) level of 20+.

For example, Honey New Zealand's Active 20+ honey guarantees honey's total antibacterial activity level of 20+. This Total Activity is mostly from the Hydrogen Peroxide activity of honey (as opposed to the Non Peroxide Activity of UMF Honey).

Both Total (Active) and Non Peroxide (UMF) activities are tested by certified independent lab in New Zealand.

In regards to health benefits, UMF is more stable over time, does not break down with heat, light or body enzymes and may even grow in strength over time.



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