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Terms and conditions

If you have not earned or spent KiwiCoins in 24 months, after which KiwiCoins they will expire and automatically disappear from your Account.

it's easy for you to check your KiwiCoins. To do so, you simply needs to log in to your account, and click on the KiwiCoins launcher. 

Order rewards do not include shipping costs.

Maximum 50,000 of KiwiCoins the customer can spend on one order.

KiwiCoins will be rewarded once a year on your birthday.
If you enter a date that is in the next 30 days. KiwiCoins will be rewarded the following year on that date.

Once you have the coupon code, you can copy the code, and paste it into the discounts box at checkout. This coupon cannot be combined with other discounts.

Referral reward, 20% off minimum spend of $100.

The information provided on this web page is intended for informational purposes only. It is subject to change and may be updated without notice.