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Manuka Honey UMF® 20+

Sale price$330.00 NZD Regular price$368.00 NZD

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Enzergen® Manuka Honey UMF® 20+; renowned for its unique properties, Manuka Honey comes from the nectar of the flower of the Manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium) which is a native plant found only in New Zealand.

Manuka Honey has been the focus of extensive scientific research evidencing remarkable natural properties that set it apart from other honeys and make it so highly prized throughout the world.

  • UMF Licence # 2199
  • UMF is a quality trademark that represents the purity and quality of Manuka Honey.
  • 829+MG indicates that honey contains at least 829 mg/kg methylglyoxal.
  • 100% pure natural Manuka Honey.
  • A natural boost.
  • A natural wholefood alternative to refined sugar. 
  • Skincare and Healthcare routine.
  • Manuka honey is rich in amino acids, B vitamins, calcium, copper, enzymes, iron, zinc, minerals and many other nutrients.
  • Delicious unique flavour, it can be used as a delicious mix with food.
  • Discover more benefits through online searches.
  • 100% Manuka Honey (UMF® 20+)
  • No Added sugar, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
Direction to use:
  • You can take it directly, spread on bread or mix with drinks as an alternative to sugar.
  • Not recommended for infants under the age of 12 months.

Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Keep the cap tightly closed.

250 gm / jar
3 jars / pack

Made in New Zealand


Manuka Honey UMF® 20+
Manuka Honey UMF® 20+ Sale price$330.00 NZD Regular price$368.00 NZD