5 Must-Have Essential Oils which Aromatherapy expert chose when Traveling

Those interested in using oils, be it for fragrance or therapy, should, she says, look out for the best quality to guard against synthetic or poorly made substitutes which are not as pure and don’t smell as good. 
A guide to buying the best is to look for products labelled as being of therapeutic quality. For a greater chance of getting good quality you can also check labels for details such as botanical species used, plant part, country of origin, extraction method and any certifications.  
When she travels, she would never go anywhere without… 
Another handy first aid assistant – it’s basically like liquid ice. If you’ve got a sprain or back pain, apply  3-5 drops to the areas of pain, ensuring the skin is not broken. Peppermint is great to help with headaches, hangovers, for an upset stomach, motion sickness, indigestion and of course to freshen the breath. (Just add a drop on the back of your hand and lick it. Saves using synthetic and often sugar-laden commercially breath fresheners). 

Tea Tree 
This oil acts as a strong disinfectant and can be easily added to wipes and soap to kill bugs and fungus. 

This is a first aid kit in a bottle, I usually take a big bottle of Lavender True with me when I travel so I can assist anyone and everyone with this special oil. It always comes back empty. It’s great to help with sleep, anxiety and stress, or used as a disinfectant for wounds and insect bites and is great for sunburn. You can apply it straight on to bruises, cuts, and most of all burns. Apply 2 drops on an ice cube and rub over burn, this way you get water, ice and lavender oil. 

Fast getting the recognition it deserves as a great wound healer, especially where the skin is broken. The oil works like magic. You can blend it with honey, apply on the wound or take internally as an immunity booster. (Add 1 drop of manuka oil to 1/8th of a teaspoon of honey).   


Sandlewood, Rose & Frankincense
I blend these 3 oils as a personal perfume in a little organic Ethanol. This way I know I am getting the real thing and smell fabulous while on the road. True essential oils are so much more than a nice smell. These ones assist me to stay grounded, (the sandalwood), assure to look after my heart balance with love (rose) and assist me in my highest aspirations (frankincense). 
She also uses her Absolute Pure Blends while travelling, which are targeted for specific uses. Among these are Sinus Clear for congestions and altitude sickness and Breathe Easy for coughs. Child Immune Plus can be applied on a face mask when flying or try a few drops on your collars.