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Article: 7 Common Habits Unknowingly Damaging your Liver Health

7 Common Habits Unknowingly Damaging your Liver Health

7 Common Habits Unknowingly Damaging your Liver Health

Have you ever thought about the potential dangers you might experience due to liver damage? We usually consider liver damage as being solely for alcoholics and heavy alcohol drinkers. However, in reality, liver damage can occur for a wide range of reasons; after all, your liver is there to help purify and detoxify your bloodstream, and this means that it’s often exposed to a myriad of different, harmful chemicals. Fortunately, our experts are on hand today to help you learn a little more about the most common habits that can result in liver damage – and how you could help overcome this through liver detoxes.

Liver Disease

Common Habits Unknowingly Damaging your Liver Health

Did you know that numerous common habits may damage your liver’s health? Of course, excessive consumption of alcohol is the most obvious habit that can cause liver damage. However, there are many other mistakes that may compromise your liver’s health. Some of the most common habits that could unknowingly lead to liver damage include:

  • Eating an unhealthy diet and suffering from obesity
  • Excessive caloric intakes (especially sporadically, such as binge eating)
  • Taking too many painkillers to control existing pain
  • Not drinking enough water, especially in hot weather, can compromise the health of you’re your bodily organs
  • Failing to get outdoors in the sun, which can leave your body deficient
  • Taking too many supplements (rather than sticking to the recommended safe dosage)
  • Cigarette consumption can cause necroinflammation and severe hepatic damage

Did you know that certain health conditions, such as Hepatitis B, can also cause liver damage? As such, ensuring you’re safe from sexually transmitted infections with regular STI checks, especially if you have a new sexually active partner, is crucial to keep your liver at peak function.

Creating a Liver Detox Plan

At this point, we’ve outlined some of the key things you should know about unknown liver damage. But if you suspect you may have been putting too much pressure on your liver, a liver detox might be one option to consider.

In order to create a good liver detox, there are numerous different factors you could consider. Some key aspects of your liver detox to consider include:

  • Milk thistle: Often, to detoxify and heal your liver, milk thistle supplementes are a common option. The main primary active ingredient of milk thistle is widely believed to be silymarin. Some studies suggest that milk thistle may also help by lowering blood cholesterol levels, managing type 2 diabetes, and the like; however, further research is still needed. Fortunately, our unique Cleanse 10000mg milk thistle liver tonic might be just what you need to boost your wellbeing.
    Milk thistle
  • Detoxifying foods: Ingredients such as coffee, nuts, and fatty fish, in particular, are commonly used as part of a simple liver detox program. Other liver detox foods that may help support the normal functioning of your liver include tea, grapefruits, cranberries, blueberries, grapes, and beetroot (or beetroot juice).
    Detoxifying foods
  • Yoga: Some research suggests that a successful liver detox can be boosted through certain yoga poses. While the research into this is lacking, these poses are potentially believed to support overall liver health and functioning. Some common yoga poses that may help with your liver detox or overall health and flexibility include the locust, downward dog, boat, garland, and cobra poses.
    Yoga-liver detox

Final Thoughts

Your liver plays a vital role in your body. As such, promoting liver health is a massively important goal. However, it’s important to consider that many of us unknowingly experience liver damage, which can leave you struggling with your overall health. Nevertheless, you can take steps to combat your liver damage and promote good liver health, hopefully – and this may start with effective liver detox.

However, it’s important to consider that a liver detox should never replace any medically prescribed treatments. So, always adhere to your doctor’s guidance regarding liver health.

Cleanse 10000mg

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