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Article: 7 Types of Wool to Know in 2023

Alpaca fleece | Kiwicorp New Zealand

7 Types of Wool to Know in 2023

Wool is a fabric that is warm, breathable and it can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture and still feel dry. You would be surprised to find out that there are many different types of wool from different animals, from sheeps and goats to an arctic muskox. Here are a list of 7 common types of wool that you ought to know:

  1. Lambswool
Also called virgin wool. This wool is from the first shearing of lambs around seven months old. It is very soft, smooth, wrinkle free and of fine quality with hypoallergenic properties. Lambswool is a rarer and more costly wool than the others as it is produced by every sheep only once in their lifetime.

  1. Merino wool
This wool is derived from the Merino sheep, which is the most popular breed of sheep whose wool is used for clothing. 80% of Merino wool is from Australia. It is gentler than regular wool and it helps to regulate body temperature. Thus, it is used to make clothing for both warm and cold climates.
Merino wool | Kiwicorp New Zealand
  1. Shetland wool
This wool is from the Shetland sheep from the Shetland Islands of Scotland. It is soft, durable and lightweight, making it the perfect choice for knitting, as well as, for making warm clothing and blankets suitable for cold climates. Since it has shorter yarn fibers, it results in pilling more than the Merino wool. It also comes in a variety of natural sheep colours.

  1. Mohair
Mohair fiber is from the Angora goat. The first three shearings of the Angora goat produce its finest mohair. It is smoother and stronger than regular wool but not as soft as cashmere wool. Fabric made from long mohair fibers has a unique fuzzy texture. It is also lightweight and very warm, often used to make sweaters and scarves.
Mohair fiber | Kiwicorp New Zealand
  1. Cashmere wool
This wool comes from the cashmere (Kashmir) goats. It is extremely fine fiber, very much similar to the merino wool. To get the cashmere wool, it has to be combed from the goat’s undercoat which takes a week or two and the amount of wool from every goat is generally only 150 grams a year. It is a more expensive wool than the others. On a positive note, it is softer and more delicate than regular sheep wool.
Cashmere wool | Kiwicorp New Zealand
  1. Alpaca fleece
This wool is from the coat of an alpaca. It is soft, lightweight, durable and warmer than sheep's wool. It is also renowned for its naturally hypoallergenic quality. Since it does not contain lanolin which is found in sheep fleece, it makes a perfect alternative for people with wool allergy. The two breeds of alpaca produce wool with different qualities. Huacaya wool is thicker while Suri wool is smoother and silkier. Several of our sweaters and scarves are made with baby alpaca wool.
Alpaca fleece | Kiwicorp New Zealand
  1. Qiviut
This wool is from the undercoat of an arctic muskox. Qiviut wool is finer than sheep’s wool. It is also softer, lighter, stronger and eight times warmer than sheep’s wool. It is easy to maintain and becomes softer as they age.
Qiviut wool | Kiwicorp New Zealand
Any type of wool that interests you? Let us know which one is your favourite type. Also, look at our scarves made from 100% baby alpaca wool that is warm and as soft as Cashmere. Comes in 6 different colours! If you’re really into superfine and hypoallergenic alpaca wool, you’re going to love our Premium Quality Alpaca Duvets, designed to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.
alpaca duvet with baby | Kiwicorp New Zealand
Alpaca Scarf | Kiwicorp New Zealand

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