Propolis - Great Immune Booster

What is propolis?

Propolis is a resin bees collect from trees forming part of the immune system trees use to defend themselves against disease. Honey bees collect the resin and mix it with their own secretions and beeswax to form propolis which they use to protect the hive.

What are the natural health benefits of propolis?

Propolis is used in the hive for a variety of defensive and protective purposes. The Greeks recognised the healing qualities of propolis, using it for treating wounds. Hippocrates himself, the father of modern medicine, prescribed propolis for promoting the natural healing of the skin and in the gut, both internal and external.
Research in America, Poland and Russia has shown that propolis can help with the skin’s complexion, and with the natural immune response to external allergens.
Propolis has become known as the ‘woman’s friend’. It has been shown to be helpful in the management of periods.


Bee Propolis is a resin type substance that honey bees collect from buds and wounds of trees and other plants, and mix with beeswax. Bees use It to ward off contamination and germs in the hive. As a supplement, It is an excellent protection against bacterial infection. Its anti-bacterial properties have been used for colds, flu, sore throats, and skin problems.  It promotes the healing of wounds and bruises, stomach ulcers, burns, hemorrhoids, and gum disease.  Bee Propolis lowers blood pressure, and eliminates bad breath.  Bee Propolis is a great immune booster.

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