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Infusing New Energy into Your Daily Life

Initiate a fresh start and transformation, welcoming a seven-day exploration of wellness and beauty.
Nurture your mind, body, and soul from within, as the current you advances towards self-realization.

Limited Edition

Seven Shades of Radiance

Pearl Day 1

Infuse new vitality, rejuvenate the skin, deeply repair, and reawaken skin radiance and vitality.

PSII + Ha Placenta Serum >

Gold Glow Day 2

Invigorating soap enriched with Manuka honey and propolis. Clears impurities, purifies the skin, and rejuvenates for a healthy glow.

Manuka Honey & Propolis Soap >

Ivory Day 3

Luxurious skin renewal for enhanced elasticity and a radiant complexion.

Placenta Cream >

Honey Gold Day 4

Freshen your breath all day long, offering a comforting throat sensation for enhanced well-being.

Manuka Honey UMF 10+ Propolis Lozenges >

Tranquil Dream Day 5

Soothe and unwind, relieving the week's stress.

Lavender Essential Oil >

Velvet Brown Day 6

High-performance propolis health supplement, boosting immunity and preparing for challenges.

Propolis 4000mg >

Ruby Red Day 7

Nourish and invigorate, infuse energy, achieve internal and external balance, and aid in restful sleep.

Deer Placenta Blister 10's >

KiwiCorp New Zealand

A Little Bit About Us

Crafted with Kiwi ingenuity, we keep it simple – using natural, quality ingredients. Our lineup features top-quality skincare, health, and confectionery products. Bringing you the very best from New Zealand.