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Article: The Best Indoor Plants for your Bathroom (Easy To Take Care)

The Best Indoor Plants for your Bathroom | Kiwicorp New Zealand

The Best Indoor Plants for your Bathroom (Easy To Take Care)

Looking for a plant to add to your bathroom aesthetics? Well, some plants help you more than giving colour and calm vibes to your bathroom. Plants are natural air purifiers. Excrement and household cleaning essentials such as laundry detergents and disinfectant sprays release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Plants can help to remove these harmful contaminants that linger in the air. If you’re wondering if an air purifier is superior to the natural air purification by houseplants, the answer is both are on par with each other. The natural air purifying plants are not inferior to the mechanical air purifiers.

Here are our 3 best indoor plants that remove toxins in the air and are really easy to take care of:

Snake plant
Also known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue. It is a succulent plant that can grow up to 2 meters. The snake plant is hands-down the best plant for your bathroom. It thrives on little light and very little water. Do not overwater them as they live naturally in dry environments. Prefect if you’re completely new to plants and if you’re forgetful to water them sometimes. It effectively removes benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and toluene toxins in the air and provides oxygen. Its long list of benefits makes it top on our list.Snake plant | Kiwicorp New Zealand Spider plant
Spider plants are a popular choice for houseplants since they thrive in any conditions, from little sunlight to temperatures below 5 degree celsius. It is an extremely hardy plant that does not need frequent watering. Studies have found that the spider plant is one of the most effective plants that remove VOCs and other contaminants from indoor air. A study by NASA revealed that the spider plant removes formaldehyde, xylene and toluene toxins in the air and purifies the indoor air. Spider plant - Kiwicorp Peace Lily
Peace lilies are easy to care for with low sunlight and weekly watering. It loves the shade and does not like to be overwatered. It also keeps the air clean by removing formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, ammonia, xylene, toluene and other toxins in the air. That makes peace lilies a popular choice at homes and in the offices. Peace Lily - Kiwicorp

Essential Oils for Indoor Plants

You can use essential oils to help your indoor plant grow, improve its appearance to look healthier and help to repel bugs and pests. Be mindful not to use too much of the essential oils on your plant since it can cause damage to it. The essential oils come in many varieties and here are 3 popular types:

Lavender oil
You can apply the oil directly on the leaves or mix it with water and spray it all over the plant. It keeps your plant healthy and repels the bugs, insects, mosquitoes and spiders away. Its scent attracts butterflies and bees. Check out our Southern Isles Lavender Essential Oil.Lavender oil - Kiwicorp Rosemary oil
Keep the mosquitoes, flies, ticks and even cats away, allowing your plant to grow without problems. Its scent also attracts butterflies. Rosemary oil - KiwicorpPeppermint oil
Spray a peppermint oil mist on the leaves to keep spider mites, insects and pests away. Be careful to not apply too much as overdosing is harmful to your plant’s health.Peppermint oil - Kiwicorp Those are our 3 best indoor plants that are super easy to take care of and keep the air clean. Let us know which plant is your favourite one and have a look at our Southern Isles Lavender Essential Oil to prevent pesky bugs from ruining your plant and instead have some butterflies as regular visitors.

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